Plume 65 FCFS GB Spot

Plume 65 FCFS GB Spot

  • $525.00
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This is a preorder and will ship latest Q2 - Q3 2021.


Designed and shipped from Austin, Texas.

65% 7U WKL layout.

7 degree typing angle.

Top/Burger Mount with 2 sets of hardware and o-rings included.


Aluminium Top and Bottom Case Pieces available in:

  • Crimson Red
  • Deep Blue
  • Charcoal Grey

Sandblasted Brass or Polished Stainless Steel Weight


Plate Options (full plate):

  • Anodized Aluminium (Charcoal Grey)
  • Sandblasted Brass
  • Other plate options available in extras below

PCBs are fixed layout and support split backspace and stepped caps. They come pre-flashed with VIA on-board.

All Photos Below are Prototype Photos not renders.


Brass Weighted kit ($525 USD) [Limited to 40 Units]

Stainless Steel Weighted ($650 USD) [Limited to 10 Units]

+extra PCB and daughter board ($65 USD)

+PC Half and Full plate ($35 USD)

+POM Half and Full plate ($30 USD)

+Aluminium Plate in Charcoal Grey ($40 USD)

+Sandblasted Brass Plate ($40 USD)


Shipping to US and Canada only.

Boards will ship Q2-Q3 2021. (Q3 would be in the case of unforeseen delays, I plan to ship Q2)



All Group Buy units will come A-Stock (see below).  Extras will be purchased to ensure this. 

A-Stock is qualified by the following:

  • No scratches or defects on any outward face of the board.
  • There may be small scratches marks or ano defects on internal faces of the board.
  • There may be machining marks on internal faces of the board. 

I have received 10 units of prototypes and I am quite pleased at how they turned out. I am confident that I can deliver a 50 unit run with the same top-tier quality by utilizing extras for QC. 



There are two minor cosmetic differences between this round of protos and the final product that you will be ordering.  Renders of these changes have been added below. 

  • The area around the USB C port has been brought in and rounded slightly more than it's predecessor.
  • The footprints for the bump-ons have been widened/changed to support the custom injection molded bump-ons that will be provided with the final product. 

Rendered Image:


The Plume 65 clearly draws a lot of inspiration from the TGR 910.  A picture of a Polycarbonate 910 with Muted was the board that lured me into the hobby. I saw a picture of one while browsing the web and I was immediately captivated by elegance and simplicity.  I have remained quite a fan over the years and I have brought that classic top right blocker design to my board while also giving it a bit of a more modern feel with the 7U WKL 65% layout that I love so much.  My goal for the design from the beginning was to create a board that used simple clean lines that give a “WOW” factor while still holding a minimalist feel.  I hope you enjoy.